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Admission, pre-enrolment, fees

1. Candidates

Ideal candidates are students holding a degree in Optics and Optometry with an interest in gaining advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of optometry and vision sciences to progress towards research and/or professional expertise and career development.


Students holding an Optics and Optometry Diploma have full access to the Master’s Degree without any further training requirement.

If study vacancies are available, other candidates will be considered, such as those holding official degrees in health and experimental sciences and related areas.


2.Admission options

Itinerari retallat  MUOCV anglès

3. Pre-enrolment and academic organization

In order to gain access to the Master’s degree students must pre-enrol. Pre-enrolment information and forms are available here. It is recommended that non-Spanish speaking students have a level of Spanish language similar to B1.

    Further information regarding admission procedures to the UPC may be found in the following link.


    Pre-enrolment, admission and enrolment periods and deadlines

    • Pre-enrolment: From 29 March to 30 June. During the pre-enrolment process students will be required to pay 30€ in fees.  (if there were vacancies, would open a new term)
    • Admission: List of accepted candidates will be published on 1 July in the intranet area devoted to pre-enrolment “candidates”. In addition, an email notification will be sent to all candidates informing them of the admission process results.
    • Advance registration: Space needed to confirm the advance € 300.00 in the account registration.
    • Enrolment: Enrolment (both terms at the same time):  September .
    • Start activity: September.
    • Language instrucion: Spanish
    • Type of study: the practical content, classroom and blended theoretical part
    • Regime dedication: concentrated

      4. Admission

      Admission criteria for the evaluation of candidates will be as follows:

          • Transcript of records of previous studies
          • Background of candidates in the field of optics and optometry
          • Professional experience


      Therefore, all candidates shall upload the following scanned documentation to the designed space in the pre-enrolment site:

        1. A brief CV with information on academic degrees and professional experience.
        2. Awarded academic qualification. If candidates are not yet in possession of the academic qualification, a scanned copy of the certificate stating that the appropriate fees for the academic qualification have been paid must be uploaded. Original copies of either the academic qualification or the certificate will need to be displayed during the enrolment process.
        3. Transcript of records(*). A weighted average grade (WAG) needs to be included in a 0 to 10 format (if no information is provided regarding the WAG, a value of 5 will be considered). If candidates have not yet completed their studies at the moment of pre-enrolment, the transcript of records will include information on all subjects passed until that date.

          (*) If candidates have followed their studies at the FOOT and they state so, no transcript of records is necessary.


            4. Fees