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Testimonials and professional opportunities

The Master’s Degree offers added value to the Optometry career in the different specialization areas that society demands.


Particular professional opportunities for optometrists holding a Master’s Degree qualification are managerial positions in optometry centers and work as an optometrist in public or private health institutions (ophthalmology departments, ophthalmology clinics, optometric practices…).


In addition, the Master’s Degree qualification also allows for career development in institutions devoted to optometry and ophthalmology research.


Student testimonials


foto Esther

Esther, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree


"After finishing my degree in Optics and Optometry, I decided to enrol in the Master’s Degree to broaden my knowledge in the different areas of specialization offered by the Master’s curriculum. Of particular interest for me has been the opportunity to follow clinical practice sessions in a health institution during a whole term, allowing me to work in a real life environment and develop my skills”.

foto Curro

Francisco, PhD student (currently holding a scholarship)

"I was awarded my Diploma in Optics and Optometry by the University of Granada. When the FOOT started offering the Master’s Degree, I realized it was an excellent opportunity to advance towards a PhD Degree. In one of the Master’s courses I had the chance of working with the Research Group on Applied Optics and Image Processing (GOAPI), under the leadership of professor M. S. Millán. After finishing my Master’s Degree, I was awarded a scholarship to follow my studies towards a PhD Degree. I am currently on my last year of scholarship and aiming at submitting my thesis this year”.

foto Carlos

Carlos, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree

"When I was awarded my Diploma I decided to continue  my studies towards a Master’s Degree at the UPC, and I felt that this one was the most interesting and complete. The opportunity to undertake a work-placement/internship in a health institution environment allowed me to put into practice my knowledge and training. I feel that all courses in this degree are very clinically oriented, offering different viewpoints on aspects of vision. I would recommend this Master’s Degree to anybody concerned in furthering career development or with interest in clinical practice”.

foto Arantzazu
Arantzazu, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree

“The goal of enrolling in this Master’s Degree was to further my training in areas of specialization such as low vision, pediatric optometry, advanced contact lenses or visual therapy in which I plan to develop my professional career”.

foto Joan Enric

Joan Enric, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree

“One of my priorities when I enrolled in this Master’s degree was to be able to study and work at the same time. I feel that this Master’s program will allow me to advance my academic  career as an optometrist”

foto Zeyad

Zeyad, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree

“I appreciate the efforts of this School to train a lot of professional generations of optometrists. I received the support from the secretary department, and the encouragement from the teachers. I feel that I have got something new here, so I can differentiate my current experience from past ones”.

foto Laura

Laura, student enrolled in the Master’s Degree

“I decided to follow this Master’s program because it allows career development towards a PhD Degree and also to broaden the clinical training I acquired during my B.Sc. Degree. Besides, other important factors for me were the geographical location of the FOOT and the fees”