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Evacuation of the building in the case of an emergency

There is a loudspeaker system in the FOOT’s TR8 building to announce emergencies. There is also a fire alarm system.

If there is an emergency in which the building has to be evacuated, you will receive instructions over the loudspeakers.


When you hear a message over the loudspeakers telling you to leave the building, you must follow the instructions given.
In any event, you must proceed according to the instructions given for each group (teaching and research staff, administrative staff and students). These instructions can be found on the website of the University’s Occupational Hazard Prevention Service.

Emergency exits

Take note of the emergency exits in your building. They are all clearly marked. The meaning of emergency signs is explained at the following link.

Assembly points

If you have to leave the building in an emergency, you must go to the designated assembly point outside, where you may be given new instructions.

You should be aware that the FOOT has two emergency assembly points. One is near the emergency exit on the ground floor (next to the dining rooms/self-service area) and the other is on the second floor (entrance hall).

If you have to use one of the emergency exits on the ground floor, your assembly point is behind the University Vision Centre (CUV), on Passatge Maria Montessori. If you have to use one of the emergency exits on the second floor, your assembly point is near the road in front of the Bar Harvard.

The exact location of these assembly points can be found in the corresponding sections of the website of the Occupational Hazard Prevention Service.