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Position and functionsName
Updated February 2023

Dean of the Faculty

  • The responsabilities of the dean are those established in the regulations of FOOT's regulations 

Aurora Torrents Gomez



aurora blanc i negre

In addition to the other functions inherent to the position entrusted to them by the Board, the dean of the Faculty, and the regulations of the University, the responsibilities of the different Vice-Dean's Offices are presented below:

Vice-Dean for International Relations


  • Responsible for the European Diploma in Optometry accreditation
  • IN-OUT mobility management of the community
Mireia Pacheco Cutillas mireia Pacheco

Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies

  • Coordinator of the Bachelor's degree in Optics and Optometry
  • Responsible for the program and planning of the academic undergraduate degree: teaching assignment, teaching course handbooks, academic calendar, timetables and Final Degree Projects (TFG).
  • Resposible for achieving the third language requirements in the undergraduate studies.
  • Management of the Tutorial Action Plan (PAT).

José Luís Álvarez Muñoz


José Luis Álvarez

Vice-Dean of Quality and Economy

  • To supervise financial status of the Centre, as well as to design and supervise the budget and closing.

  • Management of fundraising.
  • Management of ICT and Teaching Equipment budgets.
  • To ensure compliance with the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ) and Degree Monitoring Reports (IST).

Núria Vila


Núria Vila

Vice-Dean of Master Studies

  • Coordinator of the Master's in Optometry and Vision Sciences
  • Responsible for the program and planning of the MSc degree: teaching assignment, teaching course handbooks, academic calendar, timetables and the Final Master's Thesis (TFM).

Joan Carles Ondategui Parra

joan carles ondategui

Vice Dean of Communication and Social Commitment


  • Responsible for actions to promote FOOT studies.

  •  Responsible for the dissemination and communication of the most relevant matters of the FOOT.
  • Responsible for the cultural activities of 12(V)14
  • Responsible for inclusion, equality, equity and cooperation and volunteering.


bàner inclusió


banner sostre de vidre


Bàner igualtat de gènere

Francisco Javier Burgos Fernandez

Academic Secretary

  • The responsabilities of the Academic Secretary are those established in the FOOT Regulations.

  •  Communication between the management team and the students.
Xavier Molinero Albareda Xavier Molinero

Head of Management and Support Services

  • Coordinate and supervise the academic and financial management of the center.

  • To participate in the evaluation and improvement of the center's processes.
  • To control and manage the center's infrastructure and equipment.
  • To monitor the operation of the center's external services.
  • To act as head of the administration and services staff of the UTG-AOO.
  • To prepare, according to the director's guidelines, the center's annual report.



Gorgori Ramon

Director of the University Center for Vision (Clinics)

Project manager Mirades Solidàries

logo mirades solidaries


Núria Tomàs Corominas


Núria Tomàs