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Careers service

Although our track record shows that almost all the holders of the Diploma in Optics and Optometry awarded by the School have been successful in finding employment, from the outset the FOOT has run a careers service that has been responsible for putting optics and optometry students or graduates in contact with companies in the sector so that they can access the job market.
From its modest beginnings it has grown into what we now call Labour World. This new tool is both true to its original ethos and has introduced a number of improvements through an application linked to our website, which enables students to conduct online job searches. On the one hand, it lets students on the Degree in Optics and Optometry and the Master’s Degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences to look at offers using filters to narrow their search, register so that employers know that they are looking for work and/or upload their CVs. On the other hand, it enables prospective employers to register with the service, post their offers and to contact students or graduates who are looking for work, as well as to look at their CVs.
In addition, this tool has been designed so that other uses can be made of it in the future as new needs arise.