Local Collaborations

In addition to providing visual health care to patients referred by collaborating entities and municipalities, the University Vision Center participates in projects aimed at addressing the visual health of girls, boys, and adolescents at risk. The goal is to detect and prevent visual impairments that could interfere with their normal learning process, personal autonomy, and development. The center also promotes projects targeted at other specific groups, such as the elderly and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Some examples of these projects include:

"We Look Into Your Eyes"

Driven by the Etnia Barcelona Foundation, this project aims to assess visual health and provide glasses if necessary to children and adolescents using the Open Centers of Catalonia. Between September 2017 and December 2018, we will be involved in 12 centers, examining the visual health of about 1000 children and adolescents. Students from the FOOT participate as volunteers.

Infants from the Sahara and Belarus in Temporary Shelter

For over ten years, in collaboration with local NGOs, the University Vision Center conducts annual surveillance campaigns for the visual health of specific groups, such as children from Belarus and the Sahara. As in previous years, we expect to receive these children between June and July 2018.

Centers for People with Intellectual Disabilities

The University Vision Center regularly collaborates with various deep centers in the detection and treatment of visual health for their users. In 2018, we will work on establishing a collaboration agreement with the Coordinator of Deep Centers of Catalonia (CCCPC). Currently, the CCCPC integrates 32 associated entities with more than 2800 individuals with psychic disabilities.

World Up Close

The FOOT and the CUV of the UPC collaborate with the 'World Up Close' association, through training programs for professionals, mentoring external academic practices, organizing outreach activities, and developing joint research lines. They also promote national and international meetings and publish on topics of common interest, among other initiatives. Additionally, the CUV and the FOOT collaborate in activities related to visual rehabilitation for patients with low vision and in the dissemination and social awareness of this visual condition.

Thanks to this collaboration, undergraduate and master's students at the Faculty enhance their education by gaining insight into the lives of blind or visually impaired individuals.

Òptics x mÓn

Òptics x mÓn is a non-profit non-governmental organization that carries out solidarity actions in the third and fourth world within the professional

and teaching field of Optics and Optometry.

Òptics x mÓn was established in 1995 following specific interventions by student brigades from the Faculty of Optics and Optometry in Terrassa (FOOT) after the Balkans conflict.

The social base consists mainly of Opticians Optometrists, mostly trained in Development Cooperation, and advisors in areas related to OXO's objectives.