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Selection stage


At least 43 ECTS credits must be passed in the initial stage of degree courses within a maximum of 2 academic years (4 years if a course is taken on a part-time basis and 3 years if it is taken as a blended learning course) in order to meet progression requirements. Credits obtained by means of recognition, validation or adaptation do not count towards progression.

Regulations approved by the Academic Assessment Committee (CAA) on 14/12/2009

Enrolment recommendations for students with 18 credits left to pass the initial stage

According to art. 2.5.2. (Enrolment for subsequent academic years), in the academic regulations on bachelor’s degree courses at the UPC:
Students who have not reached the deadline for passing the minimum number of credits for the initial stage of the course and who have no more than 18 initial stage credits outstanding may make up the required credit load by enrolling in compulsory or optional subjects in the following curricular area up to a maximum of 36 ECTS.

The College’s Academic Assessment Committee therefore recommends that students do not enrol for the following subjects, based on the subjects required to pass the initial stage:

If in the first year you failed:It is recommended that you do NOT enrol for:
  • General Anatomy (6 ECTS credits)
  • Anatomy of the Visual System (6 ECTS)
  • General and Ocular Physiology and Biochemistry (6 ECTS)
  • Ocular Pharmacology (6 ECTS credits)
  • Ocular Pathology (6 ECTS credits)
  • Geometrical and Instrumental Optics (9 ECTS credits)
  • Physical Optics (6 ECTS credits)
  • Optometric Instruments (6 ECTS credits)
  • Chemistry for the Vision Sciences (6 ECTS credits)
  • Optical Materials (6 ECTS credits)
  • Visual Optics (6 ECTS credits)
  • Binocular Motility and Perception (6 ECTS credits)
  • Binocular Vision Disorders (9 ECTS credits)

Regulations approved by the Academic Assessment Committee (CAA) on 16/06/2010