The FOOT Board of Trustees

In 2007, the FOOT established a Board of Trustees composed of representatives from the university, institutional, professional, and business sectors with the mission of acting as an advisory council that, gathering the demands of society, helped articulate them within the academic activity of the Faculty.

Since then, the FOOT Board of Trustees has been working to enhance the prestige of the optics and optometry sector by launching specific projects driven by the Assembly of Trustees.

From this link you can access the consolidated text of the Board of Trustees regulations.

The foundational project of the Board of Trustees was the launch of the blended learning modality of the diploma and later the degree in optics and optometry. Currently, the Board of Trustees is working on the following project:

  • Project: "Professional Development"

Project - Professional Development

The Board of Trustees is promoting an initiative to assess the cost-efficiency of the use of exploratory drugs by optometrists and their benefits in terms of public health, through more effective control of certain visual health conditions in the population, as is already happening in several countries in our environment, reference in optometry practice.

Additionally, the Board of Trustees promotes the development of external internships for undergraduate students in optical establishments, organizes the annual employment fair of the Faculty (FOOT Talent Day), and updates its job offers website (Labor Market). Likewise, the Board of Trustees fosters bilateral or multilateral collaborations between its members in specific projects.



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