The FOOT Student Delegation


The FOOT Student Delegation is the collective representation body of the FOOT Students, responsible for channeling their suggestions and requests, as well as informing about relevant events occurring within the UPC and the center, and the projects and extracurricular and cultural activities carried out by the FOOT Student Delegation itself.

* Regulation of Organization and Functioning of the Faculty of Optics and Optometry Student Delegation of the UPC (2023)


Delegates for the 2023/24 academic year

Faculty Delegate: Chaymae Ezrouki ->

First-year GOO:

1st A: Hala El Motaki Lemkhanat ->

Aissa Dampell Kamara ->

1st B: Júlia Villen Cebrià ->

Second-year GOO: Estel Codina ->

Third-year GOO: Núria Barceló ->

Fourth-year GOO: Marta Palou ->

MUOCV: Amanda Pérez Llamas ->

You can contact them through their Facebook or by email: