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As indicated by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia, the Framework for Verification, Monitoring, Modification, and Accreditation of official titles (MVSM) links these quality assessment processes (verification, monitoring, modification, and accreditation), which occur throughout the life of the programs, with the aim of establishing coherent links between them and promoting greater efficiency in their management.


Each of these processes is carried out through the analysis, development, and evaluation of a specific type of report and/or memory of the degree program.


The degree programs offered at the Faculty of Optics and Optometry have undergone Verification, Monitoring, and Accreditation processes.



Verification Reports - Monitoring Reports (UPC) - Degree Program Monitoring Report (AQU)

Monitoring Reports (FOOT) - Accreditation Reports (UPC) - 2016 Accreditation Reports (FOOT) - 2020 MUOCV Accreditation Reports (FOOT)

Quality, Indicators, and Surveys Portal (UPC)
Suggestions, complaints, contact list, reporting incidents, and more...

Quality Network (RC-UPC)




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