Career Opportunities

 Bachelor's Degree in Optics and Optometry

The employment rate of our graduates is very close to 100%.


Working as: 

  • Optical healthcare facilities.

  • Health centers, primary care, and hospitals.

  • Ophthalmology centers and clinics.

  • Optical industry: commercial and management technician.

Main functions:

  • Detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of visual health problems.

  • Adaptation of glasses and contact lenses.

  • Visual rehabilitation and advice on visual hygiene and ergonomics.

  • Measurement and diagnostic tests for clinical interventions.

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree, our graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the job market.

They also have the option to continue their education by pursuing master's studies to deepen their knowledge in a more specialized field, or to focus their professional career on research by obtaining a doctorate: check the offer of university master's programs and doctoral programs at UPC.

Master's Degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences

According to the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia, 100% of graduates are employed.


It is a degree that adds value to the practice of the profession of optometrist in its different areas of specialization and responds to a social demand for specialized professionals. 


Some of the most common career paths are:

  • Technical management of optical establishments.

  • Optometrist in public or private healthcare centers (PHC, ophthalmology services, ophthalmic clinical consultations, optometric cabinets, visual therapy, etc.).

  • Product manager in multinational companies.

  • Research in public and private centers and institutions.

  • Teaching and research at a university, if a doctorate is pursued subsequently.

The master's degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences provides professional specialization, improves applied clinical skills, and prepares for research, offering the option to pursue an academic career by obtaining a doctorate.