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One community

Student life entails acquiring a range of competencies that must be built on daily, whatever the career options chosen by graduates.


Throughout the duration of their studies, the School forms special bonds with its students that go beyond a strictly academic and administrative relationship. This invaluable bond of trust and affection will last forever.


Once graduates have completed this initial stage in their training, they will have access to specific environments that will enable them to build successful careers, as well as professional associations and scientific societies. The FOOT has close ties with some of the most important of these organisations:

In order to keep this bond alive, the School has its own channels, such as this institutional website, the network for professionals netcuv(open in new window) , the Facebook(open in new window) group run by the Students’ Office and the job search engine Labour World(open in new window). This means that graduates turn to the FOOT for advice about their careers, research, postgraduate courses and lifelong learning.