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Research undertaken by upper secondary school students supervised by lecturers from the FOOT.

-“Visual activities and posture habits associated with the state of refraction in secondary and upper secondary school students”. Student: Sara Garcia Pérez. Presented and defended on 28 January 2009 at the Princep de Viana Secondary School. Barcelona. Supervisor: Montse Augé Serra.
-“Vision. The doorway to learning”. Student: Anna Mestre. Presented and defended on 10 February 2010 at the Escola Pia Secondary School, Sabadell. Supervisor: Montse Augé Serra.

Detection and prevention of sight and hearing disorders in primary and secondary school students

Description of the goals:
  • To assess the incidence of sight (myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, lazy eye, etc.) and hearing disorders in primary and secondary school students
  • To determine the state of the ocular motility and visual perception capacities of primary and secondary school students
  • To apply preventative programmes to improve eye and hearing care in reading and writing activities
We wish to involve students in activities to raise their level of awareness about the importance of primary eye care in schools and the leading role they can play in the development of the knowledge society. Thus, besides introducing students to the world of research and employment, we are also adopting the active teaching methods promoted by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
Researchers: Montse Augé Serra ( and Marta Frasoy Bel (